Spring Matcha Announcements!

It's finally spring in Vancouver and we just celebrated Soar Organics' six-month anniversary! We're overjoyed that so many of you have been enjoying our organic matcha and we can't wait to announce some changes we've made to our small business. We take pride in connecting with all of you in various forms, and as a business we're always looking for ways to improve your experience with how you enjoy our organic products. New initiatives and changes (both small and large) are important to us and we believe they should always be shared with you too. Today we're excited to announce some small packaging changes, as well as a new initiative we're launching this spring to help give back!  

Soar Organics Ceremonial Matcha tins

Soar Organics Everyday Matcha front and back

We're thrilled to introduce you to our new matcha names: 

Why the changes? We feel these changes better reflect how you've been enjoying our matcha. The main goal was to simplify our product line for you! Our 30g tin has been a favourite for those with an appreciation for a top quality ceremonial powder. In contrast, our 100g pouch has been a popular choice with the 'everyday' matcha user that prefers a larger quantity for frequent use.

Most importantly, our matcha powder is not changing! This is simply a labelling change. You can rest assured knowing you will be able to enjoy the same high quality and organic matcha you already love (phew)!

Iced green tea latte

You will also notice a 'Giving Back' section on our new packaging. Our brand's mission to deliver healthy and real foods that are certified organic is one of our main priorities. Your health and wellbeing is important to us! We also take pride in building the Soar Organics brand on our own personal values and roots. This is why we're happy to engage in environmentally friendly business practices to the best of our abilities. Also, giving back to communities and helping contribute to a better world are important values we share in our day-to-day lives. This is why we're excited to partner with a non-profit organization!

Moving forward, a portion of each matcha sale will be donated to a good cause. This new initiative will appear on all new Soar Organics matcha labels. Being socially responsible is a trait we hold dear to our hearts, and we're so happy to help make a difference in society. Naturally, there's a lot of details to share with you about our new initiative. We'll be releasing a blog post in the coming days to introduce you to the organization we've partnered with, and to explain more about how we'll be getting involved. 

If you have any questions we would love to hear from you! Feel free to contact us at hello@soarorganics.com.

With love,

Megan & Chris

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