Creamy Matcha Miso Hummus Recipe

Creamy Matcha Miso Hummus

The combination of high-quality matcha and white miso deliver a rich and unforgettable umami taste. This matcha-inspired recipe is a great spin on ...

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Matcha overnight oats recipe

Matcha Overnight Oats

Oats are definitely a favourite for us, and with matcha added it's a win-win! If you've never heard of "overnight oats" before.. they're oats that ...

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Vegan matcha French toast recipe

Vegan Matcha French Toast

This warming vegan matcha French toast is the perfect brunch item. French toast is a classic brunch favourite for many, but so many traditional rec...

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Matcha miso dressing on a winter kale salad

Matcha Miso Dressing

This crunchy kale salad with red cabbage and Japanese-inspired matcha miso dressing is the perfect winter staple to bring to your Holiday gathering!

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Matcha pumpkin bliss balls recipe

Matcha Pumpkin Bliss Balls

Deliciously decadent organic matcha bliss balls, with a hint of autumn. Did someone say sweet pumpkin and cinnamon spice? These Soar Organics Match...

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