Who we are

Soar Organics Our Story

Soar Organics was established in early 2017 by co-founders Megan and Chris. We set out on this journey to offer a certified organic matcha that is sourced with care and handled with love.

Soar Organics takes pride in sourcing certified organic matcha directly from the most renowned regions of Japan. As a company we appreciate the rich cultural history that surrounds matcha, and the cultivation and work that goes into creating this powerful tea.

We believe that healthy and organic foods packed with nutrients should be easily attainable and enjoyed by everyone. Soar Organics is about sharing our love and passion for foods that are free from harmful chemicals and ingredients. To us, organic farming means we can trust that our food is as nutritious as it should be. Harmful pesticides and fertilizers have been said to reduce the amount of nutrition in plants by inhibiting the production of vitamins and antioxidants. Our promise to you is to only offer high quality certified organic products.

We hope you’ll join us on this journey of exploring organic foods that are rich in nutrients, culture and love.

Megan & Chris